Solo Show Horizontal Vision 2011


Horizontal Vision extended from a period of research into the history of the Telesnap, developed by John Cura in the 1950’s. Produced by a modified camera, the Telesnap was a photographic image that documented a moment of a televised broadcast. Cura was capturing raster images a set of parallel lines that played host for each technical image to reveal itself onto the television screen as broadcast. In the same way that Cura’s camera photographed the emissions of the television screen, Gossling’s own techniques also generate raster images, which offer us a new form of documentation. Using a hand held recording instrument, Gossling scans the screen of her computer, gathering ‘excitations’, emitted from live streams of information such as news, weather and entertainment channels.

The line that establishes these ‘visual records’ is identified as a type of horizon and explored further as a border of vision and vanishing point.

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