Texts and Publications

The Catlin Guide, 2013

I have been featured in the Catlin Guide 2013 – a limited edition collection of artist profiles, introducing the 40 most promising new graduate artists in the UK.

23 Components For A Book,  RCA Printmaking Publication, 2012

23 COMPONENTS FOR A BOOK has been driven by the recurring questions for students who choose to work within the field of printmaking. What constitutes a publication? How is it assembled and how is meaning generated by the interaction of its parts? Each student and four guests were invited to respond to a specific word pertinent to the production of publications. click here for the PDF version

& Labels, 2009

John Dummett’s text Particulate Matter is a response to the work Hurricane Irene, featured above. The text was commissioned for Horizontal Vision, A solo show at B&N Gallery. Click here For more information and images of Horizontal Vision

Click here to download the text
Also published by Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, Gallery as part of & labels – Issue 3